Kenya Music Festival Rules, New Categories & Themes Unveiled

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Kenya Music Festival Rules, New Categories & Themes Unveiled

The 95th edition of the Kenya National Music Festival, an event that showcases the country’s musical talents and creativity, will feature several new categories sponsored by various organizations.

The festival’s executive secretary, Janet Lang’at, unveiled the event’s theme, “Nurturing Talent for Innovation and Development,” during a week-long workshop for adjudicators and trainers at Nakuru Girls High School in Nakuru County.

The theme of this year’s Kenya National Music Festival aims to promote the festival’s mission to harness, nurture, and expose talent and creativity through music, dance, and elocution.

“The Kenya National Music Festival aims to educate through entertainment and this is very much in tandem with this year’s theme,” said Lang’at.

The festival’s organizers hope that this year’s event will offer a platform for participants to showcase their talents, learn from others, and create networks that can lead to career opportunities in the future.

Several organizations are sponsoring new categories in this year’s event, making it richer in content and themes.

The Communications Authority of Kenya is sponsoring a category on promoting safe internet use, while the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development is sponsoring a category on developing local and global citizenship.

Other organizations sponsoring themes include the Kenya Rural Roads Authority, Kenya Railways Corporation, Kenya Tourism Board, and Brooke East Africa.

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Elections in Kenya and Utu

Uraia Kenya, a non-governmental organization that focuses on civic education, is sponsoring a solo and choral verse category called “Elections in Kenya and Utu.”

The organization hopes to create awareness, especially among the youth, on the importance and relevance of elections, choosing good leaders, and exercising patriotism by taking part in elections.

Uraia aims to create interest in the subject in Kenyans from a young age and to uphold national values through what it calls Utu.

Uraia hopes that the partnership will enable students, who are future voters and political candidates, to gain more interest in participating in the political and democratic processes.

Voter apathy in Kenya, especially among the youth, is a significant challenge that Uraia hopes to address through this partnership.

The Kenya National Music Festival 2023 promises to be an exciting event, with new categories and themes that reflect the country’s diverse cultural and social landscape.

The festival’s organizers hope that the event will not only showcase the country’s musical talents but also promote civic education, patriotism, and democratic values among the youth.

Kenya Music Festival Rules, New Categories & Themes Unveiled


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