Opinion: President Uhuru should stop fooling Nyanza

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President Uhuru Kenyatta is received by ODM leader Raila Odinga in Kisumu PHOTO/ PSCU


Mr Uhuru Kenyatta should stop blinding and fooling our good friends from the Lake region that he is their friend and that he cares for them, BE WARNED my Luo people .

Mr Uhuru Kenyatta is your greatest enemy ,this guy is going to finish you completely , be it Socially , Politically or Economically -Keep distance from this guy for your own safety ,let him not fool you with those peanut developments and projects and promises that i believe he will never deliver.

After all, how many companies is he going to revive or build in Luo Nyanza? How many roads is he going to open or launch? And how many companies has he put up in Central Kenya?

How many kilometers of roads has he constructed in Central, well the differences is far a part as day and night . How many CSs does he have from Nyanza? What about CAS ( which has also been declared unconstitutional ) ? What about heads of parastatals?

My People from the lake, Uhuru should not fool you with those few kilometers of sub-standard roads he has built for you , do not be blinded with that low standard stadium he built there in Kisumu which he even named after his father , does it mean that Luos do not have their heroes that could be named stadium ? What about Oginga Odinga, Robert Ouko, Tom Mboya , Achieng’ Oneko , Argwins Kodhek or even Luanda Magere , must it be Jomo Kenyatta?

Unfortunately my Lake people are blind/forgetful that they cant remember their fallen heroes, they get amused by very simple things.

How I wish you would have known bad plans Uhuru has for you , especially with this BBI thing that he is recommending Orengo to defend in Court of Appeal , mtajikaranga na mafuta yenu. BBI will finish you people completely.

Kisumu is the bedrock of fish yet they don’t have fish industry in Kisumu ,the industry is in Thika, so fish is transported from Kisumu to Thika-Open your eyes lake people.

Nyanza is the bedrock of cotton yet there is no cotton/textile industry in Kisumu, Siaya, Homa-bay or Migori, the factory is in Thika -Wake up my Lake people.

Nyanza/Western is the bedrock of Sugarcane yet sugar industries are collapsing one by one , what’s your plea to Uhuru?

Rice is not only grown in Mwea but also Ahero, ask Uhuru the plans he has for you What about the importation of Chinese fish that’s now killing fish business in the Lake region ?

Open your mouth and tell Uhuru the truth, Singing Tibim and Tialala won’t help you.


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