Tanzania demands Ksh250,000 to release Kenyans fishermen arrested off Kibro Beach in Migori

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Fisherman at Bam Got Beach in Muhuru Bay. PHOTO/Migori News

At least four Kenyan fishermen are stuck in a Tanzanian jail after they failed were arrested by Tanzanian officers as they carried out their normal fishing activities off Kibro beach in Migori County.

According to Kibro Beach Management Unit Chairman Joel Mauludi the fishermen who were arrested and detained over unknown reasons.

Maulidi said Tanzanian authorities demanded Ksh250,000 which the fishermen were unable to produce and are currently detained at Tarime Police Station.


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We need Kenya to instigate international diplomacy to to push up negotiations to solve territorial disputes over boundaries of Lake Victoria,” Maulidi said.

Maulidi asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to pick up the issue and help secure the release of the fishermen as their families were suffering.

Families of the detained fishermen are suffering and their kids are yet to report back to school due to lack of school fees and other requirements,” Maulidi said.

The BMU chair appealed to the East Africa countries sharing Lake Victoria Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda to come up with one License to make it easy for them in their fishing activities.

He reiterated that since there’s no physical boundary to be seen during fishing, Joel requests the authorities to look into the East Africa License issue to enable them work under condusive environment.


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