Questions Kenyan nurses failed in search of UK jobs

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NAIROBI – The Kenyan nursing course is on the spot after nurses failed an English test for UK job placement.

The government had negotiated for clinical workers to get employed in a three year contract programme. The nurses will earn a salary of Sh450,000 a month.

And in In July this year, Britain agreed to hire 20,000 Kenyan nurses.

But Healt CS Mutahi Kagwe said the failure rate of the nurses in the English test was very high.

For instance, of the 300 sent by the Ministry of health, only 10 nurses passed.

Kagwe however urged training institutions to offer quality education to match global standards.

He said institutions must set standards where Kenyan clinical officers can pass exams set anywhere in the world.

Below are sample questions from the test.

1.       My teacher ______ from the United Kingdom.

A. are

B. is

C. am

D. be

2.       What’s _______ name?

A. –

B. his

C. him

D. he

3.       My friend _______ in London.

A. living

B. Live

C. Lives

D. Is live

4.       Where _______?

A. works Tom

B. Tom works

C. Tom does work

D. does Tom work

5.       I _______ coffee.

A. no like

B. not like

C. like don’t

D. don’t like


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