How Late Business Mogul Chris Kirubi Distributed His Ksh.20 Billion Wealth

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Chris Kirubi

Court records have revealed that the late businessman owned at least six vehicles worth around Ksh.108 million.

Among them are Mercedes Benz Maybach S500 (Ksh.29 million), Bentley GT (Ksh.28 million), and a Range Rover (Ksh.25. 6 million).

Kirubi also reportedly owned land worth over Ksh.3 billion in such areas as Loresho (Ksh.2 billion), and Kwale (Ksh.111 million).

He also owned two other Ksh.60 million properties in Muthaiga and Mtwapa.

The business magnate held shares in numerous companies across various industries, these include KCB (Ksh.1.6 billion), Haco Industries (4.5 million shares worth Ksh.801 million), and Bendor Estate Limited (Ksh.5.6 billion).

He also had shares in Smart Applications International Limited (Ksh.641 million), Two Rivers Development (Ksh.214 million), and Bayer East Africa (Ksh.1.8 billion).

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Other companies in which the mogul held six-figure shares included Kenya Re, Kenya Airways, Mumias Sugar Company, Diamond Trust.

The court documents stated that he had two accounts, one holding about Ksh.3 billion and a second with Ksh.177 million.

Kirubi, in his will, left 80 per cent of his estate to his son Robert Kirubi and daughter Mary Anne Kirubi. The two have however mutually agreed to give 9.95% of their shares to Kirubi’s second daughter Fiona Wambui Kirubi, who had only been bequethed Ksh. 4 million in the will.

The late businessman left the remaining 20 per cent of his estate to his siblings; brothers Anthony Maina and Dr. Michael Kirubi, and sisters Elizabeth Waithera and Salome Mburu.


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