Part Time Jobs for University Students in Kenya

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Life at the University is very challenging more so if you don’t have a source of income, especially during these hard economic times.

But there are various hustles that a comrade can engage in to gain financial freedom while studying. We compile a list of hustles you can engage in and make your life easy.

1. Freelance Writing

Freelancing is one of the most common part-time jobs that most students engage in. This is easy bearing in mind that most universities offer free wi-fi.

Arm yourself with a reliable desktop machine or laptop and tap into this vast and well paying hustle today at at least Kshs. 200 per article.


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Next, sign up for some of these best online writing platforms and accounts or share with someone and make money together.

They include; Upwork, Uvocorp, Iwriter, WriterBay, Quality writers, Essay Shark, Bluecorp, Academia Research, Asiawriters and many more.

Creating and writing for a blog or website while running payable ads is also another form of freelance writing.

2. Data Entry Jobs

Data entry basically entails copying data from written documents into a computer.

This just needs basic computer skills including fast typing plus excellent written communication skills. Private organisations, parastatals and companies offer varied opportunities in this sector.

You can also get opportunities in some online sites such as Fiverr.

3. Online surveys/ Research Jobs

Online survey or research basically entails collecting data, carrying out experiments and analyzing the data collected.

You can get opportunities from research firms, and also online survey sites like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie and Mobrog.

These online site pay redeemable points which you can use as cash or gifts.

4. YouTube Video Blogging / Vlogging

Creating videos and posting on YouTube is another lucrative way to earn as a student in campus.

But this requires patience and consistency to attain the minimum threshold to start earning via YouTube. You must attain 1000 subscribers plus 4000 watch time hours within 360 days to earn via the google platform.

YouTube pays cash based on the advertisements displayed on your videos as people watch.

5. Modelling

There are many opportunities in the modelling industry that pay well on part-time basis. As a comrade, you can join a modelling agency and get paid whenever you go for a shoot.

Here, there are also opportunities for brand ambassadors or taking part in product or service activation.

6. Entrepreneurship

This entails putting up your small business to earn money on part time. Opportunities here range from opening a small kiosk, become mama mboga or even cook mandazis and supply to fellow comrades.

You can also grow vegetables or fruits then sell them to the nearest market or supply them to institutions like schools or hotels.

7. Tutor Jobs

 You can earn handsomely by going into part time teaching. This includes teaching other students based on your subject or area of specialisation.

And while on long holiday, high schools also provide good avenue for earning while employed on BOM terms.

8. Social Media Expert

With free wi-fi in universities, students spend a lot of time online. You can convert this time into income through platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Opportunities range from managing their social media pages like posting to producing content to be posted.

9. Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketers basically promote other businesses online and are paid whenever someone buys a product or service through the links they have promoted on their social media pages/websites. It’s easy, but it takes a while before you start making some good money.

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