Why you should stop using Windows 7

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As of January 14, 2020, Microsoft ended support for Windows 7. What this simply means is that the company stopped all software and security update for the Operating system after supporting it for 10 years.

This news might have not reached you are the whole world, through out last year, was coming to terms with news of a new virus – Covid-19.

But it is important to note that as it stands, your computer at greater risk for viruses and malware that might end up destroying your computer.

Microsoft suggested Windows 10 for those seeking to replace their Operation System. Upgrades were free for a while but you will be required to part with at least $13 dollars for a genuine copy of the OS.

Here is why you should consider ditching your Windows 7.

  1. Security patch

The software has security vulnerabilities after Microsoft stopped issuing updates.

2. Stability

Without updates, Windows 7 is not stable and thus may be slow and irritating to use.

3. New features

You are missing out on new features that have come with Windows 10 such as a new and easy to use Start Menu and built in applications for games and movies.

4. Hardware security

You risk your losing your computer as it may crush.

4. Speed

You may have stated to experience your computer running slow than it used to


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