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Why You Should Smoke Bhang as Cure for Blood Presure

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Bhang cure blood presure

A study published in the European Journal of Internal Medicine, states that use of bhang/cannabis can cause partial cure of blood presure.

In scientific terms the Journal said the use of bhand can lead to significant reduction in systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

The study explains that the drug can take effect within three hours of taking it either orally or by smoking

The researchers theorised that the pain relief caused by prescription cannabis may be contributing somewhat to the reduction in blood pressure.


Rastafari in Kenya want to be allowed smoke bhang

If the use of bhang can be allowed in Kenya, then it can be a great milestone for cure blood presure and other ailmens in the health sector. This is owing to its reported curative traits.

This can also open the door for Kenyan researchers to explore more ways in which the drug can be used for the benefit of Kenyans.

Bhang can also be exported where farmers as well as the government can earn from foreign exchange from the international markets.

Presidential candidate in this year’s general election Prof George Wajackoyah promised to make bhang legal if elected.

In his proposal, Prof Wajackoyah said the legalisation would enable Kenya can enter the global trade for medical marijuana.

He claimed to have already identified importers in Canada where the medical marijuana trade is worth Sh45 billion annually.


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