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Larry Madowo romantic photos with Edith Kimani. Here is how long they have dated

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Larry Madowo and Edith Kimani. PHOTO/Courtesy

Love is in the Air, and for CNN’s Larry Madowo and DW’s Edith Kimani, this is the right time to share their romantic photos.

The gesture has surprised Netizens as the two media personalities shared their photos.

Edith Kimani wrote this: “Once you go bald…Nakupenda bure Larry Madowo”

Some Kenyans have for a longtime joked to Larry Madowo urging him to ‘clear the jam’ and seems he had their pleas.

It is not clear for long the two have been dating but a Screenshot has also emerged suggesting Larry Madowo and Edith Kimani have dated since 2014.


In the Screenshot, Larry Madowo states that they were at Kenchic for a date where Edith Kimani paid.

Calling her a #Sugarmama, Larry revealed that she also took the tab on their first date.

But in response, Kimani questioned the life of public scrutiny Larry Madawo lived.

We wish the two love birds success as we await for their marriage announcements.


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