Litein Boys High School Closed After Students Strike

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Litein High School PHOTO/Courtesy

BURETI – Learnig stopped at Litein Boys High School, students sent home after student unrest witnessed last night.

Area chief Moses Mutai said the students protested over high handedness of the school administration, among other complains.

The students destroyed property including classroom and dormitory window panes as well as computers in several offices.

Mutai added that the students also assaulted school watchmen who responded to students on rampage.


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The schools Board of Management and Ministry of Education officials closed down the school and ordered students to go home.

According to the chief, the students spent the night in the school playground and left the school in the morning after it was closed.

Litein joins other schools forced to close due to student unrest in the region.


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The school are Kipsigis Girls High School, Kericho Tea, Chemamul and Kericho High School.

Most recent cases of schools closed are Kipkabus Boys High School, Tenges Boys High School, Buruburu Girls High School and Chavakali High School.


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