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WANAUME KWISHA… Two women boast of Infecting Men with HIV

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A man is shocked

Netizens are shocked over a screenshot doing rounds on social media.

The screenshot also seen by is of two ladies boasting of how they are allegedly infecting men with HIV.

The script begins with one of the alleged ladies, lets call her Lady A, asking the other, Lady B, whether she managed to ‘sleep’ with some cute boy.

Lady A says she hooked up Lady B with a cute boy.

“Ulimake kulala ule boy mcute nlikuhook naye?” asks Lady A.

Lady B responds saying she even managed to convince the cute boy to have unprotected sex.

According to her, she convinced the boy of her being allergic to latex.

“Yeah tena nlimshow asitumie CD niko na allergies ya letex,” say Lady B.

Lady A then goes a head to boast that she has so far infected five people since the year began.

“Good so far nmeinfect 5 people this year,” Lady A continues.

But Lady B immediately responds saying that her target is to infect over fifty people.

Lady A then laughs off how men are blinded by Lady B’s beauty and are not bothered to find out her HIV/AIDS status.

“This men watajua hawajui,” she says.

Lady B claims to be currently on a mission in Eldoret then she will head to Nakuru before concluding with Nairobi.

The screenshot ends with Lady A claiming that “by the end of this year many people will be (fire emoji).

Here is the screen shot.


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