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Why February of 2022 is a Unique Month

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You are very lucky if you manage to live up to next month which is February of 2022.

If you happen to be alive and reading this post then you are soo lucky.

This is because Payuka.Co.Ke has learnt that next month will be a very unique month to be alive.

Reason? It is a month that will not come again in your life time, or may be it will if you live up to over 800 years.


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We have learnt that it is the most complete February you have ever seen in your life time.

You know or at least you are now knowing that a month has four weeks, and a week should have seven days.

The four weeks should amount to four weekends but this is not always the case as the first or the last weeks always overlap into other months.

Back to the main story. This month will be very complete as you are going to see.

This is because this year’s February has; 4 Sundays 4 Mondays 4 Tuesdays 4 Wednesdays 4 Thursdays 4 Fridays 4 Saturdays.

This Happens once every 823 years.

Be happy to be alive.


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